Why do Hotels waste so much energy and what can they do about it?

We have all been at hotels on vacation or business trips and one of the first things people do is set the thermostat to the perfect temperature for us, without considering the energy that we are not paying for.

Most hotels have individual room level heating and cooling so that we can have a comfortable stay. But the problem is very rarely do guests adjust the thermostat back to where it was before leaving. With the A/C or heating cycling on and off over and over consuming a very high level of electricity even for the square footage they are accommodating.

But there is another way

Automating this process using  Verdant EI energy management occupancy sensing thermostats and smart energy management software gives us the ability to drastically reduce this consumption of electricity.

If your thermostat knows that you have been out of the room for a period of time it can slowly lower the temperature during the winter, saving the hotel money. But with Verdant EI it ca also use this this data to determine the perfect temperature to move to and the speed to do this. This way you will not spend too much energy recovering, while of course never having your customer come back to a noticeably cold room.

When your front desk operations can see this through the software then your cleaning staff can spend more time focusing on the actual cleaning making them more efficient.

This can also save in operational cost as the Verdant EI software will alert you if your heating units are not operating as expected, so maintenance can occur before too much damage is done. This also reduces the chance of customer complaints and reviews for poor heating and cooling in their room.

This software works with most standardized hotel system computerized systems for the largest brands in the hotel industry.

A free assessment will show you how much you can save.

Brian Scott
Solar Dev



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