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Electric vehicles are forecasted by the Alberta Electric Systems Operator to grow as much 2 million vehicles in Alberta alone. Why not give this growing market a place to charge bringing more customers to your door with time to kill while they charge their vehicles.
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Electric Vehicles are a big part of a sustainable future for our communities and our planet

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Solar has grown in popularity  and interest across Canada and the world without a doubt, but its greatest challenge in growth is in understanding it. We focus on commercial solar installation because the payback periods offer much better value. But … Read More

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Understanding your electricity bill and what you can do about it

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LED Lighting, maybe the lowest hanging fruit

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Why do Hotels waste so much energy and what can they do about it?

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Ford F-150 Lightning — CleanTechnica Review

Members of CleanTechnica‘s YouTube team recently spent some time with the Ford F-150 Lightning and produced a 10-minute review on YouTube. You can view that below, but I’ll also pull out some highlights for a text review here. Watch the … Read More

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XPeng Bringing Truly Ultrafast Charging To Town — 200 Kilometers in 5 Minutes

I wrote about it a bit in my article about the XPeng G9 yesterday, but it deserves a headline of its own. Chinese EV startup XPeng is on the verge of releasing an electric vehicle that will be able to … Read More

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German Court Overrules “Tesla Autopilot” Marketing Ban

The short news update on a case that extends back to 2019 is that an appeals court has overturned a regional court ruling from 2019 that determined Tesla could not use the term “Autopilot” on its website and in other … Read More

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A 100 Percent Renewable Electricity Calculator for the United States

In 2020, I wrote an article describing the flaws in studies that claim that 100 percent renewable energy is unaffordable. I talked about these studies overestimating storage requirements and opting for inadequate renewable energy storage. I argued in favor of … Read More

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Ryvid Anthem launched as lower cost 75 MPH electric motorcycle in the US

Last month we broke the news of the Ryvid Anthem’s unveiling, watching as the designers finally took the innovative electric motorcycle out of stealth mode. Now the novel bike is officially launching with pre-orders opening today. more… The post Ryvid … Read More

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Pennsylvania School District Goes Solar In Big Way — 2 Megawatts

Fixed solar array fields are one of the easiest and lowest maintenance ways to create grid electricity from the sun. No moving parts, no pollution, no energy cost, and almost no O&M. In this day and age, it is truly … Read More

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Tesla announces Gigafactory Shanghai produced its 1 millionth electric car

Tesla announced today that Gigafactory Shanghai has just produced its 1 millionth electric car – an important milestone for Tesla’s new global export hub. more… The post Tesla announces Gigafactory Shanghai produced its 1 millionth electric car appeared first on … Read More

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Junk to Junk Competition for Schoolkids

As we move towards a circular economy, we need to bear in mind the huge job of cleaning up after ourselves and our ancestors. Just like LGI, Cleanaway is working towards adding value to the waste reallocation industry. Something you … Read More

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Volta & Hoboken, NJ, Partner To Install 25 New Public EV Chargers

The city of Hoboken, New Jersey, will be getting at least 25 new public EV chargers through its partnership with Volta in the next 18 months. When the new chargers are installed, the number of public EV chargers in Hoboken … Read More

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Hose Down the FUD on EV Battery Fires

A recent Facebook share by a frenemy of mine inspired me to look more closely at electric vehicle fires. Here is the post: “So if one is involved in a crash, and people are trapped inside, the fire brigade has … Read More

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