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Solar for your Business

Using the best design, modeling technology and Solar equipment our experienced staff is able to work with you to find the perfect installation for your property. With detailed understanding of rate structures, local regulations our team can show you where the opportunities are to help you make an informed decision.

Solar for your Home

Our Solar Calculator is a great introduction to the possibilities of Solar for your home. But with an address some energy bills and a couple days our design team can provide you options to match your reasons for considering Solar. Our unique understanding of the rate structures and designing for efficiency provide great paybacks with better production and better warranties.

EV Charging Infrastructure

EV Charging infrastructure gives a large advantage to business owners looking to give retail customers another reason to visit their stores. Not to mention showing their potential customers that they are a green business with a solar array on the roof and green charging in their parking lot. This also provides an opportunity for further revenue growth with charging and clean fuel credits.

Energy Management

For Business owners that understand efficiency is a key to their profitability, we can provide unparalleled granular energy data that helps them see exactly when and and where their energy is being consumed. Which allows for informed decision on which investment decision on their properties make sense. As channel Partners of Circuitmeter, the best energy monitoring system on the planet. We are happy to help.

Ground Mount Solar

If you own an acreages or a farm, Ground Mount Solar may be a great solution for you. Whether for self consumption or turning your property in to a big energy producer and money generator for you and your family, We can help.


With our engineers having decades of experience throughout all parts of Alberta`s energy and construction industry, we have a unique ability to provide you the options to help you develop a project of any size. 


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